Viktoria Zuziak

‘The lack of practicality found in womenswear, exemplified by mock or absent pockets, acts as physical reminder of the normative borders of femininity.‘

Zuziak, 2020

While appearance alone does not create or break down the gender system, it has the power to reinforce its binary structure.


Viktoria Zuziak is a gender fluid fashion label that through play and exploration questions the restrictive and exclusionary aspects of gender. It aims at loosening up the rigidity surrounding this socially constructed system by challenging its binary structure. This approach has heavily influenced the construction of the garments making them accessible to a more diverse group of bodies than what traditional construction of clothing allows for.


The Gender Benders collection is based on a questioning of femininity and the end result embraces it as a fluid means of expression and identification for everyone.


After graduating from Central Saint Martins, Viktoria decided to use her eponymous brand as a platform for raising questions about gender and encouraging play with gender expression. The brand is a London based social enterprise with the core value of promoting visibility and support for gender minorities. With each purchase a donation equivalent to at least 10% of the retail price is done to Mermaids, a charity that supports trans and gender diverse children. 


Wherever possible environmental responsibility has been taken into account when sourcing materials, with more sustainable options such as fairly produced natural fibres, organic fabrics and recycled polyester, being favoured.



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