This tailored short jacket is fitted at the waist with a wave inspired flare at the hem. The piece is constructed with curved panels shaped like the water distorted view of the bottom of a swimming pool. The broad and padded shoulders are a powerful contrast to the tight waist. The flap covered pocket just below the waistline is spacious enough to fit all your essentials and eliminates the need to carry a bag around.


The main fabric is supplied by London Cloth Company, an east London based micro mill waving with refurbished machinery dating from as early as 1870. On the inside of the jacket you will find a beautiful and durable, checked lining.


The sizing runs from a women's small to a men's large with the construction allowing for each piece to cover 2 sizes. 


S - Women's S-M

M - Women's L, Men's S

L - Men's M-L


Main fabric: LCC 50% Wool 50% Cotton

Lining: 100% Linen

Interfacing: 100% Cotton

Buttons: Hand painted shell

Labels: Recycled polyester

Thread 1: Recycled polyester

Thread 2: Recycled polyester




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